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Feature Request(Bug?) Effect Mode does not appear in multi-editor. Images Included

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The multi-editor is a great tool when combined at queries to make large scale changes to your project. We were using it recently and discovered a quirk that I believe was just an oversight in the UI.

The multi-editor doesn't let you edit the mode setting of an effect. However, it does like to edit Render/Bypass which you edit in the same place. Combined with the fact that mode defaults to "Define Custom" and not "Use Shareset" this makes it a PITA to actually change / setup an effect shareset on a large number of objects. As a workaround, everytime we update the shareset we change every object again but it leads to a lot of churn on the files.


asked Dec 5 in Feature Requests by Brent R. (100 points)

1 Answer

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You need to right click the effect name box. Should will see the Shareset/Custom options in the menu.
answered Dec 6 by Bernard R. (Audiokinetic) (19,940 points)
All I see is the option "Set Effect".
The UI does enable you to set the effect to a shareset. However, once you select a shareset you should have two options for mode.
"Define Custom" (Changes to the shareset won't propagate)
"Use Shareset" (Changes to the shareset propagate)

I don't see a way to toggle this specific setting.