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[Plugins] How to use plugins / DSP

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I have troubles with the usage of plugins.

What I am willing to do

- Allow the user of my game to use his own mp3 as a background music

- Extract various data from the music (beat, peaks, bass, ...) and use this data into the game.

Current Configuration of my project

- MP3SourceFactory.h included

- MP3Source.lib included

- Plugin registered with RegisterPlugin


1) How can I use the MP3 plugin ?


  • AkMP3InfoRead and AkMP3PrepareForPlayback functions seems to be not exposed, so I am not able to use them into my game.

2) Is it possible to do efficient DSP through a wwise plugin ?

3) Some advices related to the "What I am willing to do" part ?

To put everything in a nutshell I would like some advanced samples , the documentation cover only the plugin itself but not its integration and the integration demo doesn't use any plugin or very basic ones.

Thank you



asked Jul 22, 2014 in General Discussion by Kévin D. (100 points)
edited Aug 27, 2014 by Bernard R. (Audiokinetic)
Some atleast partial answers ?

1 Answer

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Hi Kévin, 

Couple of things to clarify first is that the mp3 source plug-in works for Windows only and is mostly sample code (we've made it available as a starting point mostly). 

Maybe the missing piece to get mp3 playing in your game are the steps needed in the authoring application: 

  1. Create a Sound SFX in the Actor-Mixer Hierarchy
  2. Insert a the source plug-in Wwise MP3 Input (from the Content Editor view). 
  3. Create an Event (from the Events tab of the Project Explorer) that plays the Sound SFX you created. 
  4. Package the Event in a SoundBank. Generate the SoundBank. 
  5. In your game, make sure the SoundBank is loaded and triggers the Event. 

With these steps and the rest of the documentation on the mp3 plug-in, you should be able to hear an mp3 playing in your game. 

For the "What I'm willing to do" part of your case, you'll definitively need to 'hack' the mp3 sample code provided to add the DSP you need (e.g. beat detection, spectrum analysis, etc.). 

Hope this helps a bit, 


answered Aug 14, 2014 by Simon A. (Audiokinetic) (3,510 points)
Hi Simon,
I have a question for you related to using existing Wwise Source Plugins.  Specifically the Audio Input Plugin.  In the documentation it says all I have to do is include AudioInputSourceFactory.h in a .cpp somewhere in my game.  I'm having an issue where I get the error "Wwise: Could not find plugin dynamic library AudioInput" when I try to run my game after generating the Audio Input source from my Wwise project. Does this mean I have to follow the steps detailed in How to Create Wwise Sound Engine Source Plugins to use the Audio Input Source plugin in my game? I was under the impression that this was useful for creating completely new source plugins and this was already taken care of for the pre existing plug ins provided by AudioKinetic.