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Wwise Unity Source tree problem

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Greetings, we are using Unity 2017.1.3f1 with Wwise  2017.2.4.6590, Wwise Integration 2017.2.4.6590.1064. 

I succesfully integrated Unity and Wwise, generated soundbank and push my commits via Source Tree, but when the programmer tries to build the project the Wwise won't let it happen.

It works perfectly on my machine though.

The console gives errors:

WwiseUnity: Could not find source folder for <Android> platform. Did you remember to generate your banks?
AkBuildPreprocessor:CopySoundbanks(Boolean, String, String&) (at Assets/Wwise/Editor/WwiseSetupWizard/AkBuildPreprocessor.cs:97)
AkBuildPreprocessor:OnPreprocessBuildInternal(BuildTarget, String) (at Assets/Wwise/Editor/WwiseSetupWizard/AkBuildPreprocessor.cs:132)
AkBuildPreprocessor:OnPreprocessBuild(BuildTarget, String) (at Assets/Wwise/Editor/WwiseSetupWizard/AkBuildPreprocessor.cs:165)


WwiseUnity: Soundbank folder has not been copied for <Android> target at <C:/Users/user/Desktop/Soccer.apk>. This will likely result in a build without sound!!!
AkBuildPreprocessor:OnPreprocessBuildInternal(BuildTarget, String) (at Assets/Wwise/Editor/WwiseSetupWizard/AkBuildPreprocessor.cs:135)
AkBuildPreprocessor:OnPreprocessBuild(BuildTarget, String) (at Assets/Wwise/Editor/WwiseSetupWizard/AkBuildPreprocessor.cs:165)


asked May 15, 2018 in General Discussion by Miras O. (100 points)

1 Answer

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I've met the same problem. It seems that AkBuildPreprocessor.cs has checked and try to copy the generatedSoundbanks data from your [ProjectName]_WwiseProject. If you put the GeneratedSoundBanks data under your Assets/StreamingAssets/Audio/..  like what i did, then you can modify the code (in AkBuildPreprocessor.cs) "UnityEngine.Debug.LogError("WwiseUnity: Could not find source ...")" into "UnityEngine.Debug.LogWarning(...)" to avoid to interrupt Building process without being no sound.Wwise will also find that and build into your project. Just have a try!
answered May 21, 2018 by Leon W. (140 points)
Thanks for response, i will try it