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Some properties cannot be set with WAAPI command setProperty?

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Hi, I'm running into an issue when I don't get a response from Wwise when I issue the WAAPI command "setProperty" on the following properties:

  • BypassEffect (RandomSequenceContainer)
  • GameAuxSendHPF (RandomSequenceContainer)
  • MidiKeyFilterMin (RandomSequenceContainer)
  • MidiKeyFilterMax (RandomSequenceContainer)
  • MidiVelocityFilterMin (RandomSequenceContainer)
  • MidiVelocityFilterMax (RandomSequenceContainer)
  • MidiChannelFilter (RandomSequenceContainer)
  • IsVoice (Sound)
  • HdrEnvelope (AudioSource)
  • UseGameAuxSends (ActorMixer)

All other properties can be successfully set.  Are certain properties not able to be set with setProperty?  If so, how can I tell or check for that?


I'm also getting the same behavior with setReference on the "DefaultSwitchOrState" property.  Do these properties require special handling?


I am using WAAPI version 2017.2.5



asked Nov 20, 2018 in General Discussion by Michelle A. (220 points)
bump - hoping someone who might have more experience working with these properties and reference via WAAPI can help out.  Thanks!

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Hi Michelle, 

  • For BypassEffect, we were able to reproduce the issue. Thank you for reporting the issue. (WG-40638)

  • For MidiKeyFilterMin, MidiKeyFilterMax, MidiVelocityFilterMin , MidiVelocityFilterMax please try with a number from  0 to 127. It worked correctly here. Example:

  • MidiChannelFilter , the value is a bitmask with value from 0 to 65535. It worked correctly here.

  • IsVoice: This is a current limitation. It is not possible  to IsVoice. IsVoice can only be set at the importation of the WAV file.

  • HdrEnvelope : This property is only there to store the curve, when the HDR envelope is modified. It can't be set to any value.

  • UseGameAuxSends : works here. Can you provide your code?


answered Nov 30, 2018 by Bernard R. (Audiokinetic) (34,470 points)
edited Nov 30, 2018 by Bernard R. (Audiokinetic)

I am now using Wwise version 2018.1.5, but some extra properties are hanging on the setProperty or setReference WAAPI call.

- Effect0 (VO)
- MarkerInputMode (SFX)
- 3DPosition
- CrossfadeDuration (VO)
- CrossfadeShape (VO)
- FadeOutDuration (VO)
- ChannelConfigOverride (VO)

Are these properties not supported in this version?  Or does it matter which order these are set in?

Effect0 is a property of type "reference", you need to set it with setReference

3DPosition is working here:

These properties are available on the AudioSource object, not on the Sound object directly:
- MarkerInputMode
- CrossfadeDuration (VO)
- CrossfadeShape (VO)
- FadeOutDuration (VO)
- ChannelConfigOverride (VO)