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Unity: Cannot select soundbank without local wwise project. Workflow suggestions?

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Our workflow has our audio team create soundbanks and pass the relatively small soundbanks to the development team, which does not have the wwise editor installed, and they don't have the multi-gigabyte wwise project on their machines.

However, I cannot seem to select a soundbank without having the project on my machine, even though the soundbanks are in my Assets/StreamingAssets/Audio/GeneratedSoundbanks folder. This is the error I get:

Does every developer on the team need a copy of the wwise project checked out locally? The wwise project contains uncompressed wav audio and it's absolutely gigantic. Is there any workaround? (The audio team generally doesn't have Unity installed, they get a profile copy of the game to work off and connect to it with the editor.)

asked Dec 7, 2018 in General Discussion by Andy K. (160 points)
Never did figure this out, I just had to check out the whole wwise project on this development machine.

The good news is that the other developers have the soundbank selected. As long as they don't touch the AKBank component, it stays selected. If they touch it, someone else needs to fix it, or they need to revert it in version control.

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