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Crash on importing a folder

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My Wwise crashes while trying to import a folder with files (for Lesson 2, in my case), it is just freezing and I can't save project or anything else do. I use MacBook Pro 2015 with Mojave OSX. I did this work earlier, about two months ago, and everything was fine, but today I stuck with it twice :(
asked Jan 31 in General Discussion by Valeriia P. (110 points)
Can you tell which version of Wwise you are using?
Hello, all! I too am having a similar issue with Wwise 2017.2.1. I'm on a 2013 Mac Pro, High Sierra 10.13.6. Any help for future importing would be much appreciated!


1 Answer

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I have exactly the same issue with the latest version of Wwise 1.0.28
answered Mar 31 by karen c. (150 points)