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[Unreal] Wwise Init Fail on XboxOne

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Hi all,

I'm trying to integrate Wwise in my project. After some troubles I'm almost fine. Everythings seems to work great on PC/Windows and on PS4. When I deploy on XboxOne, there's the point!

Into AkAudioDevice.cpp, in Unreal Integration, there is a function called EnsureInitialized().
This function calls AK::SoundEngine::Init(&initSettings, &platformInitSettings); that returns AK_Fail in my case.

Documentation (comments in code) says that AK_Fail is the return value when the sound engine is already initialized or when the provided settings result in insufficient. But I did not modified anything in Wwise Plugin. Is there some trick or workaround that I am missing?

Thank you.

Best regards.

asked Mar 13 in General Discussion by Andrea R. (220 points)

1 Answer

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Update: can this be related to this other question?
answered Mar 14 by Andrea R. (220 points)