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Wwise project in Unity is too big to push through Git but error if I exclude it

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Project is too big to push through Git  but if i exclude the project file in my unity root folder other people get the error: project folder not found

So what can i do to work on the project and other people hear sounds without having to put the entire project into Unity?

Thank you
asked Apr 2 in General Discussion by Gregory L. (140 points)

1 Answer

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Hi, if others get this error while running the game, just go to Edit -> Wwise Settings and disable "Enable copying of soundbanks at pre-Build step", it should solve it (Wwise won't try to reach the non-existent Wwise project).

+ make sure that you push the soundbanks for others, that's everything they need if they don't work with sounds.
answered Apr 10 by Radek Karnik (680 points)