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Event Plays in Wwise but not in Cube (Lesson 2)

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Hi all, probably a basic question with a easy solution but I cant find my head around it.


At the end of Lesson 2 I have my Fire_Shotgun_Player Event with all the audio (Blast, Pumps and Shells) and it plays OK in Wwise. I proceed on Generating the SoundBank of that Event (Windows, ENG) still using Main as the source , just as I followed in Lesson 1.

In Cube only the Blast from Lesson 1 plays, and after Connecting it to Wwise and runnin a Capture Log it appears an Error that follows: Selected Media Not Available, for each of the obects in the Event.

Im running Wwise 2019.10 and used only the audio files provided from the Lesson Folder.

What step am I missing in order to get the event to trigger in Cube with all the audio files from Lesson 2 in it? Again, it plays OK in Wwise but not in Cube.


asked 6 days ago in General Discussion by Jordi B. (100 points)

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