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Event Plays in Wwise but not in Cube (Lesson 2)

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Hi all, probably a basic question with a easy solution but I cant find my head around it.


At the end of Lesson 2 I have my Fire_Shotgun_Player Event with all the audio (Blast, Pumps and Shells) and it plays OK in Wwise. I proceed on Generating the SoundBank of that Event (Windows, ENG) still using Main as the source , just as I followed in Lesson 1.

In Cube only the Blast from Lesson 1 plays, and after Connecting it to Wwise and runnin a Capture Log it appears an Error that follows: Selected Media Not Available, for each of the obects in the Event.

Im running Wwise 2019.10 and used only the audio files provided from the Lesson Folder.

What step am I missing in order to get the event to trigger in Cube with all the audio files from Lesson 2 in it? Again, it plays OK in Wwise but not in Cube.


asked Apr 13, 2019 in General Discussion by Jordi B. (100 points)
Hi! Did you ever figure out what was wrong?? Im having the exact same problem.
the same happens to me for the shotgun blast of the first lesson. Did you fix that? If i select the proper soundbank the sound seems to work but as i switch to the game the capture log says that the event is triggered, then the action is triggered, but at the end the same error of your appears and the play fails so no shotgun blast during the gameplay.

1 Answer

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My first thought is that you forgot to add the new event to the soundbank before generating, or that not every object in the soundbank was selected, or that you aren't loading the correct soundbank in game. That error means the audio you are trying to trigger is not in any loaded soundbank. That should at least help you narrow down the issue.
answered May 3, 2019 by Beatrix Moersch (2,820 points)