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Unreal Engine 4 Game Plugin Team Integration

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So we are barely getting started with Wwise, but we wanted to have it integrated early on into our UE4 pipeline. We installed the plugin as a GAME plugin and added it to our version control system (git). But every time the project loads on a new computer, it wants to recompile the plugin, and it fails to do so, EVERY time.

Is there something am not doing ok?

Anything I might be ignoring?

Thanks in advance.


asked May 29, 2019 in General Discussion by Jose M. (140 points)
Just letting know if anyone is monitoring this, if we don't get a response soon, we'll probably be dropping wwise entirely from our projects. Dealing with this hassle is too much where it's supposed to make the whole pipeline simpler.

1 Answer

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SO after throwing my tantrum, I was 100% determined to abandon wwise. But then I realized, to be able to recompile the plugin, you need to do a couple of things

1.  If you are using git ignore for ue4 on your repository, you need to add the .lib files in the Third Party Folder inside the plugin. (THIS IS BIG, so try to track them using git lfs)

2. You need to generate the visual studio solution, meaning you need to add code to your project. Once you do, you should be able to compile the plugin with no issues.


Right now, everything seems fine, so we are going to move forward.
answered Jul 12, 2019 by Jose M. (140 points)