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Wwise plugins do not load in Lumin builds

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We're testing out Wwise 2019.1.1.6977 with Unity 2019.1.7f1 for LuminOS, and noticed that when launching on a Magic Leap One device, no plugins are loading. This seems to be due to the path being incorrect as seen in the logs:


AKDEBUG : dlopen failed: library "/package/" not found

... etc. for each plugin...

The files are verified located in package/bin/ It seems that the path is missing a "/" after "bin".

When profiling in Wwise, this shows up as "Could not find plugin dynamic library <plugin>" and "Plug-in not found: <plugin>" when attempting to use them at runtime.

There seem to be no issues using plugins while in the Unity Editor with the same versions, this is only when deploying.

Any tips on how to resolve this?

asked Jul 3 in General Discussion by Brett S. (100 points)
After some investigation, we've managed to sort out a local fix.

We added a '/' after "bin" in line 259 of AkCommonPlatformSettings.cs and plugins now seem to load fine when deploying on ML1 devices. We'vev checked the AKDEBUG logs and it now points to the correct path.

The line with the local fix:

259: return index == -1 ? dataPath : dataPath.Remove(index, find.Length).Insert(index, "bin/");

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