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Unity Mac - Wwise: Cannot initialize Wwise communication

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We are attempting to setup a remote connection between Wwise and an OSX build. We have been successful doing this on windows editor, a windows build, and with the unity editor on Mac. When using a Mac build however, we are met with an error stating upon starting the game "Wwise: Cannot initialize Wwise communication". Firewalls are turned off on the Mac. We would greatly appreciate any advice that can be offered to fix this issue we are having.
asked Jul 11, 2019 in General Discussion by Joseph W. (110 points)

1 Answer

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We're getting this issue as well, and updating to the latest Wwise 2019.2.1.7520 has not cured it.

The message appears in red on the Development console, and only in Development builds, and (as stated by the OP) only on standalone app builds for macOS, not in the Unity editor.
answered Apr 9 by S G. (230 points)