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'Open in Unity' greyed out although I have the right version of Unity

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I've installed Unity version 2017.4.3f1 but still can't open the Adventure Game because the option is greyed out. Any idea how to resolve this?

asked Aug 22, 2019 in General Discussion by Dale G. (130 points)

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Hey Dale,

Thanks for letting us know. It's already being looked at, so a fix will be there soon.
Until then, you can open Unity or the Unity Hub, click open (Unity) or add (Unity Hub) and locate the project. You should pick the WwiseAdventureGameSource folder.
* If you are on a mac, the Wwise Adventure Game will be located in Applications > Audiokinetic.

Let me know if this works :)
- Mads
answered Aug 23, 2019 by Mads Maretty S. (Audiokinetic) (2,880 points)
selected Aug 23, 2019 by Dale G.
Hey Sebastian, I don't think you sent any images, only the path to them. Can you try to upload the images online somewhere else and send a link?
Hey Mads,
I'm sorry... here is a link:
I hope this will work! Thank you so much!
Hey Sebastian,
All the screenshots you sent look good. You are doing it correctly.
What I'm referring to when saying 'Console' it's the window behind the project view in your unity project. This window will most likely show you some errors that is preventing you from pressing play. Can you copy paste those errors in here as well?
Hey Mads,

there are 400+ messages... some of them and the three "red ones" (all the other are yellow) are on the screenshots.
Hey Mads,
I opened Unity via the Hub (version 2917.4.3f1)
Now everything is on place... the edit->Wwise settings AND the audiokinetic menu option! :)
I don't know why but it works!
Thank you so much for your help!!