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Running the Cube Demo - SDL2 not detected

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Setup : MacBook Pro Mid 2012 running Mojave 10.14.6

I've installed Wwise and the Wwise Launcher as well as the sample "Cube" as directed on this page

When attempting to run Cube, error message: The SDL2 library is not detected. The Cube Demo for Mac requires SDL2 to be installed accordingly to the instructions at Please restart the Wwise Launcher after the installation is complete.

I installed (the latest libSDL2 Mac OS X Runtime Binaries package)

The ReadMe says to copy the SDL2.framework to /Library/Frameworks

I haven't been able to locate the Frameworks folder and have hit a rut.

Anyone out there know what my problem is ? Thanks !

asked Sep 10, 2019 in General Discussion by Emmett H. (140 points)

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Hi Emmett,

Try to locate the Frameworks folder by starting from you Macintosh HD folder / Library / Frameworks.

If you don't see the folder (by the way it's normal with Mojave), try "Shift + Command + G" and tape "~/Library"


answered Sep 11, 2019 by Raphaël M. (470 points)
selected Sep 11, 2019 by Emmett H.