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Fixing clip durations of AkEventPlayables and unity timeline akevent durations change to -1

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when run in editor mode, it always notice "Fixing clip durations of AkEventPlayables..." ,  our project setting soundbanks choose only "Generate xml Metadata",  is "Generate JSON Metadata" must be choosed for timeline working correctly?
asked Sep 17, 2019 in General Discussion by Zhenchao R. (100 points)

1 Answer

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We get that too; it's puzzling and confidence-sapping though it doesn't seem to cause any problem apart from the message and delay each time we hit play in Unity.

We're currently using Wwise 2019.1.2 with Unity integration - but the late November 2019 Unity update for Wwise 2019.1.5 (Wwise Unity Integration 2019.1.5.7093.1568) lists the following under 'resolved issues':

    WG-45806 Optimized the processing behind the "Fixing clip durations of AkEventPlayables" pop-up, at

I suggest you try updating Wwise, Unity integration (and Unity itself if necessary, sheesh, all the layers before our own!) and post back if it fixes the problem for you.


Meanwhile I'll add a task to update our components to our next maintenance schedule, and hope it works for us too. ;-)
answered Jan 28 by S G. (230 points)
We have just updated to Wwise 2019.2.1 and corresponding Wwise Unity Integration 2019.2.1.7250.1718. The annoying AkEventPlayables progress bar at start seems to be gone!
We're on Unity 2019.3.3f1, AK have only got to 2019.3.0 so far but it seems fine - your mileage may vary but I hope this helps.