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AkAmbiant without Attenuation - Max attenuation Sphere

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Well, I'm crazy ...
I am on a racing game. I would like to put a crowd here and there during the course. So I created a crowd SFX loop. It is implemented with a Multiple Position AkAmbiant and several prefabs with the same configuration ... But nothing moves! On the Profiler, I have the sound that is played, but it remains at the same volume (strong or weak depending on the Max Distance curve in the editor Attenuation ... No change, I'm on the Game Object or far (even very far) ...
I do not understand.
Is the attenuation distance based on the Games Object (s) AND the Main Camera?
I tried to move the camera and the Main Player manually in Unity during the Play, but nothing changed on the Profiler.
I spent too much time on it.

Someone who could understand where it came from? I feel like I have already tried everything ...

PS: There is the same "result" if I put only one GameObject with AkAmbiant (No multiple Position). No attenuation ...

PS 2 : Also, despite the Lesson 2 - on the 301 certification - the display of the Max Attenuation sphere does not appear ...


Théophile Demarcq
asked Nov 6, 2019 in General Discussion by Théophile Demarcq (1,550 points)

1 Answer

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I answer my own question after finding, but it can still serve: In fact, there was no AkAudioListener on the MainPlayer (due to a change in the Prefab) ... So, the sound worked but not the distance ratio and therefore no attenuation ...
Beginner error set!

Still, I do not understand why I do not see the Max Attenuation Sphere in Unity... the question remains open ...

Theophile Demarcq
answered Nov 14, 2019 by Théophile Demarcq (1,550 points)
Same doubt here, about Max Attenuation Sphere in Unity. :-/
it's a Wwise API issue. I've corrected it. Waiting an official correction you can get the right script here
Thanks Thibault
Merci beaucoup !