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Is it possible to use sound for activing the game object?

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I am now tring to do  a mini game, and I am considering about using the sound to active the game object.

By using the Intel Realsense connect with the unity, players are required to use their body to "touch" the unseen ball in the game. As players "touch" the balls many times, some special sound can be heard. So I put many sounds in the music playlist container,  they are played in random step. My considering is , when the special sound is heard, player can get scores. But I am not sure if it is possible to do this.

If anyone has good idea, please tell me.

Thank you!
asked Jan 30 in General Discussion by Susuko (100 points)

1 Answer

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Hey, you could use the Callbackfunction with the CallbackType.AkMarkerCallback.
Then you need to put a marker in your special sound and it will always trigger the callback function when that sound is played.
answered Feb 3 by jonas k. (150 points)