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How can I use WAAPI to create a "Physical Folder" -- which internally seems to be a "WorkUnit:type = folder"

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I'm trying to generate new entries into an existing WWise project.  The hierarchy I need to match has  its work-units in '\Events\Root\Category'   -- for example,  "\Events\Root\LevelOne\WorkUnitOne".   If I want to programmatically add  "\Events\Root\LevelTwo\WorkUnitTwo",  with the WorkUnit being WorkUnitTwo.wwu but the LevelTwo being a physical folder, there doesn't seem to be a way through the WAAPI.


There's some interesting info at

so I'm hoping that this feature has also been added recently.

asked Mar 6, 2020 in Feature Requests by Peter L. (210 points)

1 Answer

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seem no waapi support
answered Aug 11, 2022 by jason l. (140 points)