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Install operation completed with errors - User did not grant permission

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Hi there,
I'm trying to install Wwise on my MacBook Pro but I keep getting the following error as it tries to install it:
"Install operation completed with errors - User did not grant permission".

I've even tried installing it using the offline installer but I get the same error. I've made the big mistake of installing Catalina on my laptop, and I know Wwise has been having some problems with Wwise, but I should still be able to install it, right?

I can't seem to copy the log because the max length is 8000 characters?

asked Apr 23, 2020 in General Discussion by Nicolas V. (100 points)
i have the same issue

2 Answers

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I'm having what sounds like a similar issue on PC:-

2020-12-18T21:32:51.874Z: wwise.2019_2_8_7432: EndOperation='prepare_prerequisites'
2020-12-18T21:32:51.876Z: wwise.2019_2_8_7432: BeginOperation='install_prerequisites'
2020-12-18T21:32:53.176Z: post (0): err:null statusCode:200 PROXY: null
2020-12-18T21:32:56.609Z: Error: Unable to start the installation process. The user hasn't granted permission.
2020-12-18T21:32:56.609Z: Tracking: launcher/installStandalone/wwise.2019_2_8_7432/prerequisites-error
2020-12-18T21:32:56.611Z: Installation failed: error installing prerequisites
2020-12-18T21:32:56.613Z: wwise.2019_2_8_7432: EndOperation='install_prerequisites'
2020-12-18T21:32:56.616Z: wwise.2019_2_8_7432: Error:'Error: Installation failed: error installing prerequisites'
2020-12-18T21:32:56.617Z: Tracking: launcher/error/wwise.2019_2_8_7432/Error: Installation failed: error installing prerequisitesError: Installation failed: error installing prerequisites
    at Object.<anonymous> (C:\Program Files\Wwise Launcher\resources\app.asar\core\backend\prerequisites-install.js:72:19)
    at (<anonymous>)
    at fulfilled (C:\Program Files\Wwise Launcher\resources\app.asar\core\backend\prerequisites-install.js:5:58)
    at processTicksAndRejections (internal/process/task_queues.js:97:5)
2020-12-18T21:32:56.619Z: Error Error: Installation failed: error installing prerequisites
answered Dec 18, 2020 by Ollie (170 points)
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why no person can reslove this problem?
answered Dec 21, 2020 by yuan m. (170 points)