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Unity: Wwise ak game object component is set to inactive and cant be changed

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I wasn't sure this was effecting anything before but its now become a problem with stuff I am working on. All AK Game Object components are inactive in the inspector and they cant be set to active. I noticed that the only way I could get ambient audio to work in a certain location is to take off the audio listener from the main camera and let Wwise put it on the camera by default. In this instance the Ak Game Object is actually active and I cannot simply add the listener back on myself as the it will still remain inactive. I cannot find any documentation on the problem and I cannot find anything in the code that would set it to inactive. Any reason why this is?
asked Apr 28, 2020 in General Discussion by Alex D. (110 points)
edited Apr 28, 2020 by Alex D.
I'm gonna bump this thread, I'm having this issue two years later and would appreciate help as well.

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Did you find a resolution to this?  I have something similar happening where the AKGameObject on my Listener ( VR Headset) is being set to inactive once the component is added and cannot be re-activated.
answered Mar 24, 2021 by Amos H. (180 points)