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[4.25] A lot of things feels abnormal. (Plugins, occlusion...)

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Hey there !

So, I'm new to this. I'm trying to get into the sound design (Well, I've already done some, in music.) and a friend of mine asked me to make the audio of his end-year project.
I then downloaded Wwise, and everything went well at the beginning. I'm able to import my sounds into the game, make them play with animations, etc.

But when it comes to plugins... Oh lord. 
I'm only working with factory plugin right now, and will use RoomVerb as an example. 
The plugin works great in Wwise, but in Unreal I stumbled onto my first problems : 
"Could not find plugin dynamic library"

"LogAkAudio : Plugin Not Found"

I've been able to fix it by manually initializating the engine into the cpp of the project (Which I feel I shouldn't do) and following the instructions given by Alejandro right there :

My questions are the following :

Since the integration from Wwise Launcher looks kind of automatic, why would I have to manually modify the files ? I'm not a programmer, I can't understand a single thing. I'm terrified as soon as I see a line of code.
In every tutorials I've watched, I've didn't see one anyone changing the code before launching their UE4 and making the reverb working almost straight out of Wwise.
Also, the occlusion/obstuction is very on/off, and my emitter sounds super muffled, even if there's a single Coca-Cola can between the listener and the emitter. 
Even if I uncheck every single boxes in the Obstruction/Occlusion settings of Wwise, it doesn't change a thing. The only way I found to disable it is to put the Occlusion Refresh to 0.

All of this feels pretty weird and doesn't look like it should be like this. 

Maybe I'm wrong, but hoping those are just bugs or something.

Thanks a lot in advance.


asked May 29, 2020 in General Discussion by Ryan M. (100 points)

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