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RoomTone not playing as expected using Ak Room component in Unity.

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Hi there, I have a question re using the RoomTone feature of the AK Room component in Unity.

I’ve followed the tutorials and set up the Ak Rooms/Portals as specified in the documentation/SpatialAudioTest scene, and the reverb, portals etc seems to be working as expected. However I can’t get the RoomTone ambience event to play as expected.

I was under the impression that the event added to the Room Tone Event field would be triggered when the listener enters/is inside the Room (and would play in 2D), and would transition to a spatialised signal when the listener leaves that Room, fading out according to the max attenuation specified on the sound (rather like the Event Position Confiner used in the WAG). What I’m finding however is that I only seem to be hearing the spatialised signal of the RoomTones as you approach the portals, i.e the ambience/roomtone sounds seem to be emitting FROM the portal, but no where else when inside the room. They also fade out as you walk away from the portal, until the max distance of the attenuation is reached. This part of it seems correct, but I would also want to be hearing the ambience in 2D when actually inside the room.

I’m guessing this is something I haven’t setup correctly on the Wwise side, as I’ve copied the settings on the Ak Room, Ak Portal etc exactly as in the documentation. I’d really appreciate it if somebody could give me an idea of what I might be doing wrong here.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

asked Sep 25, 2020 in General Discussion by Simon P. (240 points)

1 Answer

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Hey Simon, did you ever figure this out? Were your amb sounds set to 2D or 3D?

I'm curious to see if you found a solution.
answered Jun 28, 2021 by RobR (180 points)