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Strange error when using the "decode compressed data" function in Unity

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When using the "decode compressed data" feature of an AkBank script in Unity for a soundbank using Vorbis, we get a strange error in the unity console that we cannot explain:

AkBasePathGetter.DecodeBankFullPath reports null

We are using Unity 2020.1.1f1 and Wwise 2019.2.4

Any idea what it could be related to?

The full message in the console is:

ArgumentNullException: Value cannot be null.
Parameter name: path1
System.IO.Path.Combine (System.String path1, System.String path2) (at <fb001e01371b4adca20013e0ac763896>:0)
AkBankManager+DecodableBankHandle..ctor (System.String name, System.Boolean save) (at Assets/Wwise/Deployment/API/Handwritten/Common/AkBankManager.cs:246)
AkBankManager.LoadBank (System.String name, System.Boolean decodeBank, System.Boolean saveDecodedBank) (at Assets/Wwise/Deployment/API/Handwritten/Common/AkBankManager.cs:96)
AK.Wwise.Bank.Load (System.Boolean decodeBank, System.Boolean saveDecodedBank) (at Assets/Wwise/Deployment/API/Handwritten/Common/WwiseTypes/AkWwiseBank.cs:22)
AkBank.HandleEvent (UnityEngine.GameObject in_gameObject) (at Assets/Wwise/Deployment/Components/AkBank.cs:69)
AkTriggerHandler.Start () (at Assets/Wwise/Deployment/Components/AkTriggerHandler.cs:44)
AkBank.Start () (at Assets/Wwise/Deployment/Components/AkBank.cs:58)  

asked Nov 26, 2020 in General Discussion by Jullian H. (120 points)
Hi, I've encountered the same problem, have you solved out yet?

I'm using Wwise 2019.2.5 now.
No sorry, not solved.
Have asked Audiokinetic folks (not the support) and no more clue.
Currently I am not using Vorbis and use ADPCM instead with adaptive samplerate.
It does the trick for me for now since my soundbanks are not so huge but sure it sucks.
Hope to find a solution.
Thank you for replying,
ADPCM seems to be a viable temporary solution until they fix this.
You're welcome.
And the footprint on CPU is insignificant with ADPCM.
It will be great to have the choice to use one or the other.

1 Answer

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Hi Jullian & BigWatermelonPi

Thanks for reporting this!
This is not something we were aware of, but I was able to reproduce it so I've passed it on to the experts. We'll let you know when we've got a fix for it.
answered Jan 21, 2021 by Mads Maretty S. (Audiokinetic) (38,280 points)
Thanks for investigate this.