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Unity Destroying Soundbank on Build [closed]

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The sound works perfectly when I run the game inside Unity but as soon as I try to make a build of the game the sound does not work and I get these errors. Any help would be appreciated, we have had a dozen people looking for answers for 7+ hours trying to fix this to no avail. We are tempted to scrap Wwise and go back to using the built in Unity sound engine.


closed with the note: figured out the answer (kind of)
asked Nov 29, 2020 in General Discussion by Kristopher K. (100 points)
closed Nov 30, 2020 by Kristopher K.

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I had this issue starting out. I had luck after unchecking Project Settings>Wwise Editor>Asset Management>Copy SoundBanks at pre-Build step.

Hope that helps!
answered Nov 30, 2020 by Adam B. (190 points)
I actually realized that I did not have a aksoundlistener in the scene which gets the sound to play but we still get the error. But yeah we have already tried that and it did not do anything.