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How to solve "Installation failed: error installing prerequisites" error on the PC?

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Even though I had recently upgraded to the latest version of Wwise successfully, (2019.2.8.7432), I had to attempt a re-install to get additional data for a new platform that we are now supporting. Unfortunately I am now continually seeing: -

     Install operation completed with errors:


          Installation failed: error installing prerequisites

The relevant log information seems to be: -

2020-12-18T21: 46: 20.509Z: Request Response ( code: 206c_redist-type code: : application / octet-stream, content-range: bytes 0-15080791 / 15080792 
2020-12-18T21: 46: 20.891Z: Tracking: launcher / download / currentAttempt = 1, maxAttempts = 15, SUCCESS 
2020- 12-18T21: 46 : 20.892Z: End of Download, x64c.exe (206cf4d129e9 / v64c_redist) = undefined, sha1 = be4f7ad520349d9d0683ab9dd171b3a1e4db426b, caller = response.file.finish 
2020-12-18T21: 46: 20.895Z: Finished checking prerequisites: err = undefined
2020-12-18T21: 46: 20.898Z: wwise.2019_2_8_7432: EndOperation = 'prepare_prerequisites' 
2020-12-18T21: 46: 20.901Z: wwise.2019_2_8_7432: BeginOperation = 'install_prerequisites' 
2020-12-18T21: 46: 25.870Z : Error: Unable to start the installation process. The user hasn't granted permission. 
2020-12-18T21: 46: 25.870Z: Tracking: launcher / install / wwise.2019_2_8_7432 / prerequisites-error 
2020-12-18T21: 46: 25.874Z: Installation failed: error installing prerequisites 
2020-12-18T21: 46: 25.881 Z: wwise.2019_2_8_7432: EndOperation = 'install_prerequisites' 
2020-12-18T21: 46: 25.882Z: wwise.2019_2_8_7432: Error: 'Error: Installation failed: error installing prerequisites'
2020-12-18T21: 46: 25.885Z: Tracking: launcher / error / wwise.2019_2_8_7432 / Error: Installation failed: error installing prerequisitesError: Installation failed: error installing prerequisites 
    at Object. <anonymous> (C: \ Program Files \ Wwise Launcher \ resources \ app.asar \ core \ backend \ prerequisites-install.js: 72: 19) 
    at (<anonymous>) 
    at fulfilled (C: \ Program Files \ Wwise Launcher \ resources \ app.asar \ core \ backend \ prerequisites-install.js: 5: 58) 
    at runMicrotasks (<anonymous>) 
    at processTicksAndRejections (internal / process / task_queues.js: 97: 5) 
2020-12- 18T21: 46: 25.889Z: Error Error: Installation failed: error installing prerequisites
2020-12-18T21: 46: 25.892Z: wwise.2019_2_8_7432: State = 'failed'

It is also odd that in my Appdata \ Roaming folder I am seeing 2 Wwise Launcher related folders: -

     AppData\Roaming\Wwise Launcher


These exist even after uninstalling the previous version of the tool and deleting any existing folder references to Wwise.

It also seems like my launcher installation has moved from "Program Files (x86)" to "Program Files".

This is the first time that I have had an issue like this upgrading Wwise. Has anyone else seen this and do you have any suggestions for a solution?

David Ollman


asked Dec 18, 2020 in General Discussion by Ollie (170 points)
Dear Ollie, Can you confirm the special build by Denys fixes the issue?

1 Answer

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We are currently working on this issue and think that we might have found a solution, would you care to test this version of the Wwise Launcher and let us know if it fixes the issue ?

Thanks !
answered Jan 8 by Denys W. (Audiokinetic) (960 points)
Unfortunately I seem to get the same failure installing pre-requisites after installing the supplied MSI, creating an offline installation and attempting to install it.

Here's the log:-

2021-01-15T22:11:35.001Z: Initializing module: install-log
2021-01-15T22:11:35.002Z: === System Data ===
2021-01-15T22:11:35.003Z:    Initializing WwiseLauncher 2020.3.1.717
2021-01-15T22:11:35.004Z:    Wwise Launcher 2020.3.1.717
2021-01-15T22:11:35.004Z:    locale: en-US
2021-01-15T22:11:35.005Z:    exe: C:\Program Files\Wwise Launcher\Wwise Launcher.exe
2021-01-15T22:11:35.005Z:    app: C:\Program Files\Wwise Launcher\resources\app.asar
2021-01-15T22:11:35.006Z:    node version: v12.18.3
2021-01-15T22:11:35.006Z:    argv:C:\Program Files\Wwise Launcher\Wwise Launcher.exe --install=A:\Wwise\Wwise 2019.2.8.7432 (Test)"
2021-01-15T22:11:35.007Z:    userData: C:\Users\David Ollman\AppData\Roaming\WwiseLauncher
2021-01-15T22:11:35.007Z:    appData: C:\Users\David Ollman\AppData\Roaming
2021-01-15T22:11:35.008Z:    module: C:\Program Files\Wwise Launcher\Wwise Launcher.exe
2021-01-15T22:11:35.008Z:    home: C:\Users\David Ollman
2021-01-15T22:11:35.009Z:    temp: C:\Users\David Ollman\AppData\Local\Temp
2021-01-15T22:11:35.009Z:    logPath: C:\Users\David Ollman\AppData\Local\Temp\WwiseLauncher\Log\WwiseLauncher.{2021-1-15}.{16-11-34-999}.log
2021-01-15T22:11:35.010Z: Initializing module: settings
2021-01-15T22:11:35.022Z: New userLocalId: 4f9097f46cc5477016064f7cce16e6f3
2021-01-15T22:11:35.023Z: Tracking: launcher/newUserLocalId
2021-01-15T22:11:35.025Z: Initializing module: SSLCertificatesService
2021-01-15T22:11:35.111Z: Initializing module: install
2021-01-15T22:11:35.111Z: Initializing module: install-bundle
2021-01-15T22:11:35.112Z: Initializing module: eula-history
2021-01-15T22:11:35.124Z: Initializing module: install-table
2021-01-15T22:11:35.127Z: Could not execute operation 'Load Install Table': ENOENT: no such file or directory, open 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Audiokinetic\Data\install-table.json'
2021-01-15T22:11:35.165Z: default bundles path C:\Users\David Ollman\AppData\Roaming\WwiseLauncher\Json\wwise-projects-info.json
2021-01-15T22:11:35.166Z: Could not execute operation 'Load Default Bundles match': ENOENT: no such file or directory, open 'C:\Users\David Ollman\AppData\Roaming\WwiseLauncher\Json\wwise-projects-info.json'
2021-01-15T22:11:35.166Z: Initializing module: recent-project
2021-01-15T22:11:35.167Z: Initializing module: install-progress
2021-01-15T22:11:35.167Z: Initializing module: commander
2021-01-15T22:11:35.168Z: Initializing module: project-zipper
2021-01-15T22:11:35.168Z: Initializing module: local-projects
2021-01-15T22:11:35.169Z: Initializing module: system
2021-01-15T22:11:35.169Z: Initializing module: download
2021-01-15T22:11:35.170Z: Initializing module: bundle-action
2021-01-15T22:11:35.171Z: Initializing module: unity
2021-01-15T22:11:35.172Z: Initializing module: samples
2021-01-15T22:11:35.172Z: Initializing module: about
2021-01-15T22:11:35.172Z: Initializing module: tasks-service
2021-01-15T22:11:35.173Z: Initializing module: signin
2021-01-15T22:11:35.175Z: Tracking: launcher/perf/start/time:0
2021-01-15T22:11:35.175Z: *** Modules Initialization Done! ***
2021-01-15T22:11:35.668Z: Tracking: launcher/pageVisit/
2021-01-15T22:11:35.672Z: Begin of search for local bundle in directory "A:\Wwise\Wwise 2019.2.8.7432 (Test)\bundle"
2021-01-15T22:11:35.748Z: Result of local bundle search in directory "A:\Wwise\Wwise 2019.2.8.7432 (Test)\bundle": null
2021-01-15T22:11:35.761Z: Tracking: launcher/pageVisit/Bundle/wwise.2019_2_8_7432
2021-01-15T22:11:36.149Z: Tracking: launcher/unreal/installedVersion/ version:4.26 isCustomBuild:false
2021-01-15T22:11:36.414Z: Tracking: launcher/unity/installedVersion/ version:2018.1.2f1
2021-01-15T22:12:02.002Z: Tracking: launcher/pageVisit/Plugin/wwise.2019_2_8_7432
2021-01-15T22:12:28.232Z: Tracking: launcher/installStandalone/wwise.2019_2_8_7432 children:sie.masteringsuite.2019_2_8_7432,audiokinetic.reflect.2019_2_8_7432,audiokinetic.soundseed.2019_2_8_7432,auro.headphone.2019_2_8_7432,izotope.suite.2019_2_8_7432,mcdsp.ml1futzbox.2019_2_8_7432,microsoft.msspatial.2019_2_8_7432,nuendo.gac.2019_2_8_7432
2021-01-15T22:12:28.235Z: wwise.2019_2_8_7432: State='executing'
2021-01-15T22:12:28.235Z: wwise.2019_2_8_7432: Action='0'
2021-01-15T22:12:28.266Z: Tracking: launcher/pageVisit/Bundles
2021-01-15T22:12:28.271Z: RESOLVE PROXY: DIRECT
2021-01-15T22:12:28.272Z: Setting new proxy for DIRECT bad=false
2021-01-15T22:12:28.312Z: wwise.2019_2_8_7432: BeginOperation='prepare_prerequisites'
2021-01-15T22:12:28.405Z: Did not detect 'Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2019 Redistributable (x64) - 14.22.27821'. Preparing install.
2021-01-15T22:12:28.407Z: Finished checking prerequisites: err=undefined
2021-01-15T22:12:28.408Z: wwise.2019_2_8_7432: EndOperation='prepare_prerequisites'
2021-01-15T22:12:28.408Z: wwise.2019_2_8_7432: BeginOperation='install_prerequisites'
2021-01-15T22:12:29.858Z: post (0): err:null statusCode:200 PROXY: null
2021-01-15T22:12:34.176Z: Error: Unable to start the installation process. The user hasn't granted permission.
2021-01-15T22:12:34.177Z: Tracking: launcher/installStandalone/wwise.2019_2_8_7432/prerequisites-error
2021-01-15T22:12:34.179Z: Installation failed: error installing prerequisites
2021-01-15T22:12:34.183Z: wwise.2019_2_8_7432: EndOperation='install_prerequisites'
2021-01-15T22:12:34.184Z: wwise.2019_2_8_7432: Error:'Error: Installation failed: error installing prerequisites'
2021-01-15T22:12:34.185Z: Tracking: launcher/error/wwise.2019_2_8_7432/Error: Installation failed: error installing prerequisitesError: Installation failed: error installing prerequisites
    at Object.<anonymous> (C:\Program Files\Wwise Launcher\resources\app.asar\core\backend\prerequisites-install.js:72:19)
    at (<anonymous>)
    at fulfilled (C:\Program Files\Wwise Launcher\resources\app.asar\core\backend\prerequisites-install.js:5:58)
2021-01-15T22:12:34.187Z: Error Error: Installation failed: error installing prerequisites
2021-01-15T22:12:34.189Z: wwise.2019_2_8_7432: State='failed'
2021-01-15T22:12:34.190Z: Tracking: launcher/perf/installStandalone/time:5,download:null,uncompressed:18192181779
2021-01-15T22:12:35.692Z: Tracking: launcher/update//showMessage
2021-01-15T22:13:32.350Z: Tracking: launcher/openLog
This solution isn't working for me.
Hi Ollie,

Thanks for your feedback.
A new version of the Launcher is now out. It should address this error (offline installer).

Please try it out and let me know if it fixes the issue.
Hi Orchil,

Which version of the Launcher were you using ? Could you try with the latest available (2020.3.2.795) if it was not the one you had been using ?