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Work with multiple listeners

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Hi guys! Working on a 2D Game project in Wwise/Unity that for now had a Default Listener on a SceneAudioListener. It worked fine for now as all sounds so far were not having any attenuation as it was mainly UI sounds and Trigger Enter/Exit sounds or script based triggered sounds. Hovewever i need to start having attenuation on some object when i approach them which i guess means that i would need to plug an another AkAudioListener Component on my Player Character in order for it calculate the distance ? If yes how could i set up that ? Thanks in advance
asked Jan 19 in General Discussion by Angel I. (100 points)

1 Answer

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Why would you need multiple for that? For UI and similar use sounds without attenuation, so it doesn't matter where the listener is. Put the actual listener on the player/camera object.
answered Jan 20 by Marko R. (170 points)