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About iOS plugins in "Wwise folder/Deployment/plugins"

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im confuse about the plugins in ios deployment folder.

our company developing a game in unity engine, and set deployment platform is android and ios and window.

however, the problem is volume.

the deployment folder of android and window is just 260MB or so far. but the ios folder has over 1.2 GB.

i found the reason and it was the file called "libAKSoundEngine.a".

it takes almost 350MB and there are 3 same files in each "Debug", "Profile", "Release" folder.

im really wondering why this libAKSoundEngine file is so big in only ios.

can i delete this? because the project volume is too large for the size of our game project.


i need your little help and hope your answer. thanks a lot
asked Feb 8, 2021 in General Discussion by Sejin L. (140 points)

2 Answers

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I have this exact same issue, the iOS file libAKSoundEngine.a is 850 MB in our project, it seems to have just copied over the \Assets\Wwise\API\Runtime\Plugins\iOS\Profile\libAkSoundEngine.a instead of generating any "1-2 MB solution" that your documentation seem to hint at.

I have done all the file stripping set to high stuff that you have suggested, but still the filesize is unacceptably large.
answered Mar 2, 2022 by Jonathan L. (190 points)
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Those libs are very large because of the debug symbols and bitcode. The Xcode project generated by Unity contains the .a file in the library folder but this file still contains all symbols. However, once the library is linked and within your executable it will be very small. One test that can be made is to compare the size of an empty Unity app deployed on iOS, against another one with Wwise integrated to see the small size difference.
answered Mar 29, 2022 by Adrien L. (Audiokinetic) (1,080 points)
edited Mar 29, 2022 by Adrien L. (Audiokinetic)