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Solutions for Reducing the "Total Reserved Memory" in Wwise 2019.2.0 [closed]

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Unity Version: 2019.4.4f1

Wwise Version: 2019.2.0

We've discovered that AkSoundEngine.UnloadBank does not free up the "Total Reserved Memory" that is allocated by AkSoundEngine.LoadBank and have determined via PIX that we are leaking memory.

We are evaluating the improvements to this area of performance in Wwise 2019.2.9. The Wwise Profiler is reporting less leak than our current version (there's still some undesired allocation though). However, a full upgrade is not ideal because of the amount of effort involved in integrating and testing the changes.

It would be great if we could fix this issue with a custom version of the plugin for our current version of Wwise, but it is unclear if that's feasible with what is available in the SDK or if we would have to do something else.

Any insight into addressing this issue would be helpful.
closed with the note: Issue resolved with upgrade
asked Feb 16 in General Discussion by Anthony L. (250 points)
closed Mar 10 by Anthony L.
Not an answer unfortunately, just wanted to add weight to this question by adding that we are also experiencing this in Wwise 2019.2.9, steady reserved memory increases when loading and unloading content (with consistent Used memory, i.e. we are not leaking resources from our code) It may be even worse when preparing from a large number of loose individual events, we've seen leaks of ~5MB on each reload.
We are facing the same issue. We have released a game on multiple platforms and have had reports of the game often crashing on Switch after playing a certain time. In one of our tests which consist of unloading and reloading the same level multiple times, the native heap inspector has shown us that wwise allocates 10MB EXTRA each scene loading even if we verified that we are properly unloading all soundbanks from the previous load. Another test is that we then load an empty scene (and unloading all soundbanks) and this memory still stays allocated.
We are using Wwise 2019.2.5 with Unity 2019.4.12f1.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!
To update my previous post, in a small project, we saw the same issue on wwise 2019.2.5 as when we tested in our game. Upgrading to wwise 2019.2.9 has fixed the issue in the small project. Valid for both PC and Switch so it might be a cross-platform issue.
Our test was to load 10 soundbanks and then unload them. After each unload, we would check the memory stats. Reserved memory kept increasing by 10MB each cycle.

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Update: We did further evaluation of the 2019.2.9 upgrade and are finding that there's a huge improvement in memory performance (no more leaks!!!).
answered Mar 10 by Anthony L. (250 points)
selected Mar 12 by Fabien B. (Audiokinetic)