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How to revert a Wwise project to an older version of Wwise?

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I had a Wwise project running on 2019.1.1. Stupid me opened Wwise 2019. 2.8 then opened the project. Wwise gave me a notice saying it will chance everything to the latest version but i wasn't paying attention so i just clicked enter through it all and it converted the project to the later version. This is a huge issue because now the Soundbanks in the Unity project were linked to the older version Wwise and it won't link to the Newer Wwise project at all.

So I am hoping (fingers crossed) someone on here can help me figure out a way to change the Wwise project 2019.2.8 into the 2019.1.1.

I grabbed the Original Wwise project hat can connect to the Unity project  (2019.1.1 but it is doesn't contain any of my sound or events or anything I've done) and I replaced the Actor-Mixer Hierarchy folder, Events folder, Game Parameters folder, Soundbanks Folder, SoundcasterSessions Folder with the folders from the 2019 2.8 (Because they are the ones with my work now) and I still receive the same error "The project or one of the work units has been saved with a more recent version of Wwise and can't be opened".

This leads me to hope that there is a way I can revert the 2019.2.8 project back to a 2019.1.1 or if there is a way I can change my work units to 2019.1.1.
There is a lot of work that has been done and I learned my lesson but I am hoping I don't have to start from scratch.

Thank you in advance!
asked Apr 20, 2021 in General Discussion by Andre U. (150 points)
I know this is an old post, but did you figure out a fix for this ?

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