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How to disable 3D Audio at runtime ?

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Hi everyone,


I successfully customize audio device with the ReplaceOutput() function but one thing is still remaining. Whatever I configure my AkChannelConfig, my output channel configuration remains in AkChannelConfigType::Object and not back to Standard.

Basically, how can I turn off Allow 3D Audio of my Audio Device Shareset with the Wwise SDK ?

It seems there is no way to do that outside of Wwise application and I want to let my user the opportunity to turn off 3D Audio inside my application.


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asked May 5, 2021 in General Discussion by Alexandre M. (100 points)
Up. That would help us as well.

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The simplest way to toggle 3D Audio is to have 2 audio device ShareSets in your Wwise project, each with either 3D Audio on or off.
The in-game toggle would then switch to the appropriate Audio Device ShareSet using AK::SoundEngine::ReplaceOutput.
If, however, the host the application is running on does not support 3D Audio, both options will behave the same.

For completeness, here are settings influencing the enablement of 3D Audio at runtime:

  1. A channel configuration override can be specified through AkOutputSettings.
  2. A limit on the amount of audio objects that can be used by Wwise can be specified in the Windows-specific platform initialization settings via the uMaxSystemAudioObjects member. A value of 0 "disable[s] the use of System Audio Objects".

For more details, see

answered Nov 25, 2022 by Samuel L. (Audiokinetic) (23,160 points)