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Are .bnk and .wem files interchangeable between Mac and Windows platforms?

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Hi! I work on a game that uses two Wwise platforms: Mac and Windows. Recently, I decided to experiment and point our Windows client at the generated Mac sound banks. To my surprise, everything seemed to work without any problems!

I started to dig into the forums here and found this post from 2013 that mentions that Windows and Mac sound banks are binary compatible unless you are using the AAC codec. This post, also from 2013, says the same.

If this is true, then we could save storage in our build system as well as some added complexity to ensuring consistency if we were to use the same set of sound banks for both Windows and Mac as our Wwise project has no differences currently between the two.

So my question is this: are generated sound banks still binary compatible in 2021, even with the M1 processor? Considering you're not using AAC of course :)

Thanks for any insights!

asked May 10, 2021 in General Discussion by Eric N. (110 points)

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