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Project playback only working in mono

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Hello, I ran into an issue with my wwise unity project today. I have a mix of assets that are being imported as mono and stereo wav files. When I play them back in wwise they only play back as mono. There is no stereo separation and the meter shows the same volume for the left and right channel. Checking and changing my conversion settings doesn't appear to be having any effect if I set them to be stereo or As is. I've been comparing my project to the Wwise adventure game and I can't find any differences that could be causing this issue. I'm somewhat new to wwise and I feel like there is a setting I might have unchecked somewhere. Any advise would be much appreciated.

asked Jul 22, 2021 in General Discussion by Chris P. (110 points)

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Hi Chris P. 

Try this. Go to Audio tab (in between Profiler tab and Windows tab). Then, select Audio Preferences. In the Audio System drop box, select Direct Sound. Click 'OK'.

Hopefully this works. Have a great day.


answered May 16, 2022 by Vincent O. (150 points)