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Wwise 2021 & UE - Obstruction & Occlusion Not Updating when in Seperate Spatial Audio Volume.

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I'm coming to the end of my project using Wwise 2021 and UE 4.26.1 and am having some issues with Occlusion not working with Spatial Audio and resulting in a leaking of audio through Geometry in the level.

I've spent the past couple of days trying every combination I can think of including adding Ak Geometry to every wall and flicking meticulously through each and every option combination as well as on the Emitter Component itself but nothing seems to affect the Occlusion unless you're in the same room. The only thing I can think of is to dive into the C++ code (which I'm not super confident in) but something feels strange about the way it's being calculated in the first place so I thought I'd ask on here first.

The issue is that I have a corridor with an Emitter which is leaking into my other room (Spatial Audio Volume) and it doesn't seem to call anything from the Occlusion system when I am in the other room and the visibility is clearly blocked by a wall. If I'm in the same room it seems to work update the Obstruction but still oddly not the Occlusion. I've profiled the whole game and never seem the Occlusion move from 0 once. I've set up a simple test also with simple shapes and it does very much seem that when not in the same SA Volume it doesn't update the Occlusion parameter.

I have screen captures to illustrate the issue a bit more visually over on YouTube:

Error V1 -

Error V2 -


Thanks in advance for your help!
asked Aug 27, 2021 in General Discussion by Nathan C. (230 points)
I noticed that when you go behind the 2nd pillar, there's no Obstruction, but the transmission loss is at 100.

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Hello, Not sure but from what i saw in the video your problem might be only the fact that the occlusion refresh interval in your emitter is set to 0.2 and should probably be at 0.0 when using full spatial audio. This might causing the occlusion system to use the build in occlusion system base on trace channel instead of Spatial Audio one. This is my 2 cents. Not sure about that!
answered Aug 27, 2021 by Frédéric A. (220 points)
Hey Frederic,

Unfortunately I've tried that and about every other settings combination I could think of over the past week or so in Unreal. Seems something is up with the communication between two SA volumes or something is up with Unreal and the SA system.