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LogAkAudio: Warning: Freeing media memory because parent asset was destroyed

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We are in the process of upgrading from the unreal Wwise integration 2021.1.3.7665.2079 to 2021.1.4.7707.2130.

However this has introduced many warnings during cooking saying "LogAkAudio: Warning: Freeing media memory because parent asset was destroyed".
Since we have a zero warning policy this is causing this to fail our pre-checkin checks, and I have been asked to confirm why this warning has been added.

This UE_LOG Warning was added to UAkMediaAssetData::IsReadyForFinishDestroy() as part of the changes to the newer version, and looks to be warning of a potential memory leak.

However we are not doing anything special as far as I can see, so can you advise us on how we can prevent this warning from occurring?
Is it actually as a result of a memory leak which has been caught, or alternatively is that warning just for information and this is the intended data flow?
asked Nov 30, 2021 in General Discussion by DAve S. (130 points)

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