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Wwise launcher not installing correctly

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I'm trying to install Wwise and on the launcher it just says "Initializing. Connecting to server...", and I can't install any versions.

I found these threads:
which lead me to look for the file C:\Program Files (x86)\Audiokinetic\Data\install-table.json.

only to find, no matter how many times I run the installer, I don't have any C:\Program Files (x86)\Audiokinetic directory at all.

I just downloaded it from the webpage today (Dec 2nd), and I've tried redownloading it as well

What can I do?
asked Dec 2, 2021 in General Discussion by Felix B. (110 points)
If possible, open a Support Ticket ( It's hard for us to guess what could be blocking your Launcher instance without its log. Our support team can help you with the procedure to acquire this log and send it to us for analysis by our Launcher team. A Support Ticket will ensure a follow-up, and if the underlying issue has a workaround we can post it here after.
I can't use support without registering a project and a company - I don't have a company, I just want to add music to my civ 6 mod

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