Lesson 2

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Lesson 2: Designing a Soundscape

Now that you’ve attached an ice gem blast sound to the animation of the Wwizard throwing an ice gem, you’ll now look at other parts of the visual sequence that accompanies the sound and think about what else you can do to enhance that experience. As you work through the steps that need to be done, you’ll also be looking at how to do as much as possible with as little as possible, for this is what defines a game audio designer's worth. This is because while modern game console systems have incredible power, that power is shared with systems that support graphics, physics, and artificial intelligence. Also consider that many games are played on mobile devices where system resources aren’t as vast. Depending on the game’s technical restraints, audio may be given a small budget with regards to memory and processor usage. Because of this, an audio game developer makes their mark by learning how to fuse great sound and creativity within the technical limitations provided. In many cases, it’s the designer's creativity that provides unique and interesting solutions for working within technical constraints. Fortunately, Wwise provides a vast set of tools specifically designed to help you rise to this kind of challenge.

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