Wwise Channel Router

[Warning] Warning

This plug-in is still experimental.

(See the Wwise Channel Router Properties below.)

The Wwise Channel Router plug-in allows you to route and mix multiple busses with different channel configurations into a single output device. This is especially useful when dealing with an output device with many channels that require non-standard routing.

This mixer plug-in can be set on a bus so that its child busses can choose which channel to output to. If there are multiple busses outputting into the same channel, these channels will be mixed together.

[Warning] Warning

This plug-in currently only supports having your audio device channel configuration set as anonymous.

[Note] Note

See Mixer Plug-in for how to set up a Mixer plug-in on a bus.

Wwise Channel Router Properties

Interface Element


Bus Properties


This is the first channel the bus outputs to its parent bus, which has the Mixer plug-in attached.

For a two-channel bus (stereo), setting the Channel property to 3 will output to channels 3 and 4 of its parent bus.

Attachment Properties


The first channel the sound should output to in the output bus (which has the Mixer plug-in attached or which is non-mixing and is a child bus of a bus with the Mixer plug-in attached).

For example, a stereo sound with the Channel property set to 3 will output to channels 3 and 4 of its output bus (which has the Mixer plug-in attached).

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