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AKRESULT __cdecl AK::Comm::Init ( const AkCommSettings in_settings  ) 

Initializes the communication module. When this is called, and AK::SoundEngine::RenderAudio() is called periodically, you may use the authoring tool to connect to the sound engine.

This function must be called after the sound engine and memory manager have been properly initialized.
The AkCommSettings structure should be initialized with AK::Comm::GetDefaultInitSettings(). You can then change some of the parameters before calling this function.
  • AK_Success if initialization was successful.
  • AK_InvalidParameter if one of the settings is invalid.
  • AK_InsufficientMemory if the specified pool size is too small for initialization.
  • AK_Fail for other errors.
See also:
in_settings  Initialization settings.