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Wwise SDK 2018.1.11
Quick Start Sample Integration - RTPCs

RTPC Example

RTPCs let the sound engine compute a property's value by evaluating a curve, defined by the Wwise user, for the X value that corresponds to a parameter within the game. For example, the following code sets the value of the "RPM" game parameter:

// Set the game parameter's value using its name. We could use its
// ID instead, AK::GAME_PARAMETERS::RPM (from Wwise_IDs.h)

In the sample program you can experiment with RTPCs in two ways:

  • In the Car section, select the Play_Engine event, click Post, then move the RPM slider. This changes the value of the RPM game parameter which the engine sound uses to alter its volume and pitch properties
  • In the Human section, check/uncheck the "Enable Effect" checkbox, then click on Talk. When the checkbox is checked, the "Enable_Effect" game parameter is set to 100. When its unchecked the game parameter is set to 0. The Voices control bus uses this game parameter to set/clear its "Bypass Effect" property.

Refer to Integration Details - RTPCs for more details.

Note: This sample code comes from the Sound Engine Integration Sample Project available in the Samples section. Refer to Integration Demo Sample for more information.