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Wwise and Unity Audio for runtime TextToSpeech

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Hi, I am working on our game's dialogue system and I'm trying to make it as easy as possible for us to test our dialogue with TextToSpeech (TTS) and I'm wondering,

1. is there any way to pass runtime generated (or pre generated) audio to Wwise without having to touch actual Wwise project?

2. If there isn't, does a workaround exist for having both Unity Audio enabled and Wwise at the same time? This currently works in the editor and on Windows, but not on Xbox, as I just realized.


Thanks for any thoughts,
asked Apr 11, 2022 in General Discussion by Erik N. (100 points)

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Perhaps you could try using WAAPI to pre-generate audio files from text

Please check ak-brodrigue/waapi-text-to-speech: Demonstrates how to generate WAV files using text-to-speech from Wwise directly. (

answered Apr 11, 2022 by Hou Chenzhong (Audiokinetic) (6,010 points)

thank you for your suggestion! Yes, that does seem to be workaround for this.
So I'm trying to do what you suggested but I run into an issue where when I reimport already existing sounds, it creates new events instead of reusing the old event. I posted a question about it in a different post