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Limbo project does silent upon building a new soundbank

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Hi there,
I'm having a go at the Wwise Limbo project, as a personal goal, and I'm having some trouble that I would really appreciate some help with.

I've followed all of the documentation as well as video tutorials, yet when I replace the assets with my own assets (named the same), and rebuild the soundbanks, I hear nothing upon playing the game. Originally, before replacing any assets into the game, I can play and hear everything original as intended. So it seems the soundbanks are not generating properly, even though everything is ticked. I can audition the sounds perfectly fine, but they just won't play in game.

It seems to be related to this known issue, which doesn't have any resolution comments:

I have tried moving the project out of the default file path, and have made sure all of the files are not 'read-only'. The Wwise version is 2022.1.0. When I tick all banks that I want to build, it also does not update the I_intro or I_testbank soundbanks even though they're ticked (telling me their data size and decoded size is 0, whereas the I_default data size is 77040 and decoded size 250740).

Any help would be appreciated as there seems to be no help surrounding this issue :( thank you.


asked Dec 3, 2022 in General Discussion by Abbie Howard (130 points)

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Hey Abbie, 

Sorry to hear you're having problems with getting sound into Limbo.  
I just tried to follow your instructions, and it does work fine on my end.

To clarify what I did, here are a few steps.

  1. Downloaded Limbo with Wwise 2022.1.0
  2. Launcher > Samples > Open in Wwise
  3. Drag a "long" sound file into Default Work Unit (to ensure it does not inherit all the Limbo-specific mechanisms with RTPC, etc.)
  4. Made sure it's sending to Master Audio Bus (to ensure no effect changes)
  5. Added the SFX to the intro > menuIntroStart Event. 
  6. Generated SoundBanks
  7. Launcher > Sampels > Run Limbo.
  8. Your imported SFX should play once the game starts.  

I would suggest you try this too, cause Limbo does use both Game Syncs and Event Actions with fades that might influence whether the sound(s) are audible. 

answered Dec 5, 2022 by Mads Maretty S. (Audiokinetic) (39,400 points)
selected Dec 5, 2022 by Mads Maretty S. (Audiokinetic)
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Hi Abbie,

I had the same issue with version 2022.1.4 of Wwise. The steps suggested by Mads did not do the trick for me. I noticed the error "Event ID not found" for every sound in the Profiler but I did not know how to solve this.

I decided to try out an older version 2021.1.13 of Wwise and with this version I was able to generate SoundBanks succesfully.

Best, Tom
answered Jun 17, 2023 by Tom V. (140 points)