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An infinite import loop has been detected

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I'm attempting to install Wwise on a clean Unity 2021.3 project. Import fails and I get thrown into safe mode when I open Unity with the error that an infinite import loop has been detected.


An infinite import loop has been detected. The following Assets were imported multiple times, but no changes to them have been detected. Please check if any custom code is trying to import them:
Assets/Wwise/API/Runtime/Plugins/Mac/Profile/AkSoundEngine.bundle(modified date 2023-04-26T22:57:30.5809107Z)
Assets/Wwise/MonoBehaviour/Runtime/AkSwitch.cs(modified date 2023-04-26T22:56:17.3488657Z)
Assets/Wwise/MonoBehaviour/Runtime/AkAudioListener.cs(modified date 2023-04-26T22:56:17.3078658Z)
Assets/Wwise/MonoBehaviour/Runtime/AkGameObj.cs(modified date 2023-04-26T22:56:17.3188653Z)
Assets/Wwise/MonoBehaviour/Runtime/AkBank.cs(modified date 2023-04-26T22:56:17.3088649Z)
Assets/Wwise/LauncherInfo.json(modified date 2023-04-26T22:57:24.6058603Z)
Assets/Wwise/MonoBehaviour/Runtime/AkInitializer.cs(modified date 2023-04-26T22:56:17.3268651Z)
Assets/Wwise/MonoBehaviour/Runtime/AkState.cs(modified date 2023-04-26T22:56:17.3438669Z)
Assets/Wwise/MonoBehaviour/Runtime/AkTerminator.cs(modified date 2023-04-26T22:56:17.3498671Z)
asked Apr 26, 2023 in General Discussion by Aaron J. (180 points)
I too, have this issue. Reported the bug as well. To your knowledge, Is there any other way to integrate Wwise to Unity?
Hi, same here. I also reported the bug. Did you already find a fix for this?
This issue seems related to an import loop with your Wwise assets in Unity. Check for custom import code, update Wwise, and review asset import settings to resolve this problem.

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Since this looks like a bug, please send it through the Audiokinetic Launcher's Bug Report system.
Refer to

answered May 1, 2023 by Samuel L. (Audiokinetic) (23,300 points)
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This issue is marked resolved as of Wwise 2022.1.6: if you still have issues, please send a new bug report.
answered Oct 17, 2023 by Samuel L. (Audiokinetic) (23,300 points)
Thanks for the update. I didn't know it before.
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A workaround for this issue is to upgrade your Unity project to version 2021.3.32f1+.

answered Jan 5 by Stevyn V. (140 points)