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How is the "TempDefinitionFile.txt" file created?

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few questions about "TempDefinitionFile.txt".


When I generate Wwise soundbanks in UE4, I got those log messages as follows:

 C:\Program Files (x86)\Audiokinetic\Wwise 2016.2.2.6022\Authoring\x64\Release\bin\WwiseCLI.exe  "G:/ProJectA/AionMobile/DEV/Mobile_Data/Wwise/AionMobile.wproj" -GenerateSoundBanks -Bank Ambience -Bank CutScene -Bank Dialogue -Bank Music -Bank NPC -Bank PC -Bank UI -ImportDefinitionFile "G:/ProJectA/AionMobile/DEV/Mobile_Data/Client/TempDefinitionFile.
-Platform Android -SoundBankPath Android "G:\ProJectA\AionMobile\DEV\Mobile_Data\Client\Content\WwiseAudio\Android" -Platform IOS -SoundBankPath IOS "G:\ProJectA\AionMobile\DEV\Mobile_Data\Client\Content\WwiseAudio\IOS" -Platform Windows -SoundBankPath Windows "G:\ProJectA\AionMobile\DEV\Mobile_Data\Client\Content\WwiseAudio\Windows"


How is "TempDefinitionFile.txt" file created? and, What kind of information is it based on?


Please reply me for those questions.





asked Jul 2, 2017 in Feature Requests by JungKun P. (150 points)
edited Feb 12 by JungKun P.

1 Answer

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Please, I've the same problem. This is first time I see this. UE4.18.3....
answered Feb 14 by Alex H. (160 points)