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Wwise Audio Input in unity

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In an answer to the related question, I read "Microphone is not supported in Unity integration yet."

Does this mean the Wwise Audio Input source cannot be used from Unity? Is it still the case today? Would it need to be registered by rebuilding the integration?

Thanks :)

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asked Nov 18, 2014 in General Discussion by Matthieu B. (790 points)
Good afternoon, has this issue been resolved yet? We really want to use the microphone with Wwise and Unity 5!
No it hasn't.  What user-scenario you want to implement?
Hi Mathieu, I'm looking at using mic input for voice comms with Wwise providing voice FX and 3D positioning if at all possible...
Bumping this thread....
Hey, I'm currently looking into this same issue myself.  I do believe that it is possible to write your own native plug in that will pass information between the Audio Input Plug-In and your Unity C# project. I'm not 100% on everything just yet, but that seems to be the easiest, if not totally convenient, way of doing so.
We are trying to do this as well. We need to use the audio input to process the user voice. Seems the dll is written in C++ and Unity is running in C#. Any chance that an update to this dll is in the works?
Responding to Scott, you CAN write a Native (unmanaged - and "unsafe" by Unity standards) plugin that will process the C++ in C#.  

Check out these two links:

You're going to have to figure it out from there I suppose. I'm also doing something similar for our project. I'll try to keep this updated as I find a solution (or develop one).
Hey Jeremy, Thanks for the tip. We are about to set aside some dev time to do this, so we'll see. But I'm also not sure it will be worth it. Right now, I can't see anyway to record the audio input and kick the recording back into wwise for processing. I currently have a sound sfx object with the audio input as the source and the wwise recorder on the effects. This works great in wwise and through wwise i can put the recording back into wwise as a new sound sfx object and then assign a play event to that new object. After building the soundbanks, in unity I can call that event and play back the recording, but that's as far as I am right now. First problem is how to get the pc mic IN to the audio input. that's a c++ c# thing. then if i do get that to work how can you rebuild a soundbank after the app is built? My users will not have wwise on their computer and the generated soundbanks are moved to streaming assets for building. So after you make the executable, wwise goes away. I don't see a way to have live input, record it, put it back into wwise, process it and play it back in unity.

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Hi! I'm looking into integrated voice chat in our game and ran into this. It looks like Audio Input is the way to go IF it was implemented for Unity, right? Is there any information on if we can expect an implementation?

answered May 11, 2017 by Hjalmar V. (190 points)
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I would just like to say that I solved the AKAudioInput to Wwise and made a script to copy/paste on my project blog.  I summarize how to do it in a related question

 Here is the script:


answered Jan 24, 2018 by Kristina W. (490 points)