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Having trouble with SetSwitch UE4

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HI again,


I am trying to use SetSwitch in a Blueprint in UE4 but when executing the PostEvent node I always get an error in my output window that syas "LogAkAudio:Error: No Valid Switch: 1504825759".  The Event I'm trying to play have a group on it called "Faction" and the Switch property I am trying to set is "CM".  In mY SetSwitch node in Blueprint I am settin Switch Group to "Faction" and Swithc State to "CM".  Is that the correct way to set it?  The Actor for both nodes is the result of a "Get Player Pawn" node.  Do I need to have the Actor set up a specific way or set soemthing specific in Wwise Authoring tool?  I've attached some images to show my set up.

Switch Group Setup:

Switch Group set up


Level Blueprint

asked Dec 10, 2014 in General Discussion by Jared M. (220 points)

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answered Dec 10, 2014 by Benoit S. (Audiokinetic) (16,020 points)
Thanks for pointing out that thread.  I ended up getting it working.  I didn't have to make any changes in the Wwise tool from that thread, but it did help me find the problem.  Turns out the event I was trying to post had 2 Switch groups assigned to it but one of them didn't have a default specified.  The Faction on that I was setting was actually working but because the second swtich group had no default and i wasn't setting it it wasn't working.  Once I figured this out I was able to get it working.

Thanks again for all your help today.

Glad you could figure it out!