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libAKSoundEngine.a doesn't get file stripped in iOS

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Hello, I'm the lead programmer of a studio inside the company Thunderful Development
I have the exact same issue as these people:

My libAKSoundEngine.a is 853 MB and I'm using the Unity Integration for unity version 2020.3.1f1.

None of the solutions given there has solved my issue. Even when file stripping set to High, does the libAKSoundEngine.a reduce in size for iOS builds in debug or release.
It seems as though my build just straight copies the libAKSoundEngine.a from \Assets\Wwise\API\Runtime\Plugins\iOS\Profile and shoves it in my build without any sort of reduction in size.

I understand that it's all of the debug symbols needed to debug the WWise part of the game that takes all of the room, but this is not viable for our release on the app store. I can't have the WWise lib file take as much room as all of the assets inside the game, for a serious release.
It seems to me this is an issue with WWise - as I'm clearly not alone with this issue.

I would appreciate help in this matter.

Thanks in advance
// Jonathan LC

asked Mar 2, 2022 in General Discussion by Jonathan L. (190 points)
edited Mar 2, 2022 by Jonathan L.

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