The Adventure Begins

While interactive audio continues to scale in complexity, certain implementation and workflow fundamentals remain the same. The Wwise sound engine and authoring application has been built from the ground up to support current and next gen audio integration in a flexible and dynamic productivity pipeline.

Building on the concepts explained in Wwise Fundamentals, the Wwise Project Adventure shows how to implement interactive and dynamic audio for a fictional game project. This comprehensive overview covers the process from start to finish, and the companion Wwise project allows you to take a hands-on approach to investigating the techniques. Whether you take a hands-on approach with the tutorial, or simply follow along in the accompanying project is up to you.

This book is intended for readers with some experience with digital audio in addition to basic experience with audio for games. Links to additional information to extend your knowledge into different areas of implementation are provided throughout this document. It does not replace the user documentation, but instead provides a way to access the details through specific examples and illustrations of techniques using the Wwise authoring application.

Our case study is a fantasy adventure game set deep in a forest, with danger lurking at every turn. An occasional dungeon gives the hero an opportunity to purge the scourge that lies within its darkened corridors. Armed with a trusty sword and the steadfast courage to persevere, the hero follows the path to riches that lie just ahead on the horizon.

Welcome to the Wwise Project Adventure!