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Lesson 6

Table of Contents

Lesson 6: Implementing Transitions Part I

So far, you’ve created various Music Segments to accompany different aspects of Cube’s gameplay. You have the Explore music from Lesson 1, the Combat music you’ve worked on in Lessons 2 and 3, and the Boss music you integrated in Lesson 4. Up to this point, you’ve tested those sections discretely both in Wwise and while playing Cube, but you have yet to design the system that will allow these musical sections to transition between each other during the game. To address this aspect of audio integration, you’ll now be introduced to the Wwise transition system.

To create musical transitions that sound purposeful and musically sensitive, yet can work in an unpredictable interactive form, can be a challenge. It requires a composer’s foresight, an audio integrators skill, and a toolset that is purposefully built like Wwise.