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Lesson 3

Table of Contents

Lesson 3: Creating Mixed Method Playlists

Now that you have a fundamental understanding of how Wwise can be used to configure dynamic music using both a sequential and layered approach, you can explore a more complex assembly of the musical elements by combining both approaches together. This lesson will continue the development of the Combat music. While the randomization of the instrumental layers you assembled in Lesson 2 definitely provides variety, it’s still the same chord progression repeated every 8 bars. Even a non-musician will begin to identify the harmonically repetitive pattern and eventually tire of it. The combat music needs more variation in its chord structure.

As you can see in this image from the original DAW project, there are various sections of combat music that were composed for the Combat music.

The first column of regions represents the Combat-A music you implemented in the last lesson, followed by a Combat-B segment for which the audio assets have been delivered as separate audio files. You can also see Combat-AB, which has the Rhythm files that can play over either the A or B section. There is also a Combat-Bridge and Combat-TransToBridge, which is similar to the structure used for the Explore music.

In the following exercises you’ll review what you’ve learned about horizontal and vertical approaches while implementing a “best of both worlds” structure for the Combat music.